ReVolve is a developer of renewable energy projects in North America with 2.78GW of wind, solar & battery projects under development

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A specialised renewable energy project developer

The company is in the business of developing utility scale renewable energy generation projects in North America with a particular focus on wind, solar and battery storage technologies. 

It was established in 2012 and since then has successfully built a diversified portfolio of projects across the different renewable energy technologies in both the US and Mexican markets. It currently has a portfolio of 2.78 gigawatts (“GW”) of projects under active development and a further 1.3GW of greenfield opportunities, which it is in the process of converting to its pipeline in the near term. 

This pipeline including these greenfield opportunities is split between 1.9GW of wind projects, 2.17GW of solar & battery storage projects and a 20MW dedicated battery storage project. 

The Company is in the process of rapidly expanding its pipeline and development activities in the US and is targeting an active portfolio of up to 3GWs under development by the end of 2022 in addition to a 2GW target for Mexico.


Greenfield to Construction Ready

​ReVolve’s business model is based on identifying greenfield project development opportunities focusing on strong renewable resource areas, proximity / availability of capacity on the local transmission network as well as environmental considerations. These projects are then brought through the development cycle with the company obtaining the necessary federal, state and other permits and authorisations required for the project as well as securing the necessary interconnection capacity in order for the project to commence construction.